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  • Jordan Godfrey

Love That Grows

By Jordan Godfrey

Friendship. It’s something that everyone longs for and never wants to let go of. But what happens when a friendship changes into something more? What if the love between two people outgrows the confines of platonic love? And what if the fear of losing that bond of friendship is stronger than the courage it takes to be honest?

The Girl Through the Snow

Her brown eyes always seem to reflect my green

Like a beautiful storm

Of glittering snowflakes

Glinting with the memories of us

Every day our flurries grow

And create a mystical world

Of laughter and joy

Where together we shine brighter than snow

But these snowflakes are now a blizzard


And it seems to pull us apart

As our friendship spirals to new heights

Am I the one spurring the winds

With my longing for more?

For each moment alone to freeze into forever

Where the whole world is only us

At times I think I see her desire through the snow

A look that mirrors my own heart

But what if it is just the gale of my wind and snow?

Threatening to leave her frozen?

What if I yell my truth over the raging storm

And the wind that carries it to her

Sweeps her away from me?

Leaving me alone in darkness and snow?


The Girl Through the Fire

Her green eyes always seem to sear into me

They burn with a passion that makes me wonder

Does she feel the same way?

Can she see the truth hidden behind the brown of my eyes?

Our friendship is a fire

Growing every time we add a new memory to it

Lighting up everything in our path

And together we are unstoppable

But now our flame is a wildfire


And it seems to divide us

As our friendship grows past its bounds

Is it just my passion feeding the flame

Or does she feel the same way?

The longing for each touch to last a lifetime

For her warmth to be the light of my life

Sometimes I think I see the passion in her too

A spark behind her eyes

But what if it is just a reflection of my flame

Coming too close to burning her?

And what if I show her my truth

And the flame of my passion

Consumes her and everything we have built?

And leaves me alone in the ashes?

The friendship of these two, like so many, was always meant to be. A way for two people to find all the best parts of the life given to them. Together. And sometimes this platonic togetherness spurs something more into being. A dangerous love that, if uttered, has the potential to light the world with its vibrance or destroy the very foundation it was built upon. Now, each must choose whether to navigate the snow and overcome the fire in a moment of honesty with the other. Or choose to hide their truths deep down in order to save the friendship that saved them.


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