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  • Hannah Hilgeman

On uncertainty-

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

By Hannah Hilgeman

On uncertainty–

The gliding bird does not know

When feathers will fall off of his slick body.

The temporary pieces of himself can, in a simple second,

Dislodge themselves from his being,

Floating to the ground in an air of loss.

Yet, despite the looming possibility, the bird does not

Stay tethered to the ground,

Does not restrict himself to be a

Being of the earthly soil.

Instead, he perches on trembling tree branches and,

Spreading his wings from tip to tip, disembarks from

The shaking wood and dares to proclaim the sky his own

For all to hear–

Never mind the possibility of feathers being lost

In the windy skies or to ever-present gravity;

He embraces the idea of a sunlit disappearance.

Fresh feathers sprouting from his skin,

Raven-black and shining like a new day,

For that is what they are–

A beginning,

A rising era to welcome.


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